College_graduate_studentsNowadays, a college education is an absolute game-changer when it comes to opening doors for students. The rising cost of tuition throws many potential students into a spiral of doubt when it comes to making the decision to enroll. For many students, fresh out of high school, college many not be a viable option if they are unsure what they would want to do with a degree or are planning on studying something . Many subjects just don’t offer a significant return on investment to be worth the amount of money needed to attend the courses for 4 years. In any case, those who go to a university have an undeniable edge in the workplace over those who chose to not go to college, and are eligible for these benefits.

More Earning Potential

Since college degrees don’t typically have a guaranteed job at the end of graduation, it is much easier for a college graduate to compete professionally when searching for a job.  It is estimated that a college graduate on average will earn twice the amount of income over the course of their lifetime as compared to a high school graduate.

More Opportunities

An estimate shows that there will be 19 million more jobs for educated workers in the year 2028. (KnowHow2Go). Having options and different opportunities in your life can help you feel less stuck in your job. Instead of having to stay in a job you dislike, having a degree can give you more flexibility in changing jobs and having more options.

Beyond having more jobs to choose from, there’s also more opportunities to make important networking contacts that may help you down the line. These contacts can stand in as references when you go to apply for your first job out of college, or can help you find more opportunities for advancement in the future.

Job Security

Many courses in college force students to tap into their analytic skills and improves their communication skills. Having these different college experiences could ultimately make you more valuable to a company and less likely to lose your position if the time for layoffs comes.

College and post-secondary education in general should be an option to all high school students and non-traditional students because of the impact a college degree can have on their future.