College is difficult for most students. Whether it’s getting ready for an exam, buying textbooks, or just trying to manage time effectively, there are apps that are now readily available to students to help them make the most of their time in school. The following are some tried and true apps that will not only help students save time, but also keep them organized and on the top of their game.



There’s no denying that college is expensive. According to College Board, the average textbook costs around $200 and the average amount a student spends on books and supplies per year is a whopping $1,200. Chegg allows students to shop for their textbooks and save a lot each semester on their textbook charges. There are options to buy digital copies or even rent books to save extra cash, and once you’re done with the book, you can sell it back.



Arguably one of the most frustrating parts of writing a research paper is being able to cite your sources accurately. EasyBib takes the guesswork out of internal citations and generates your bibliography by taking a picture of the barcode of each book you’re pulling information from.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Unless you’re a math major, you’re probably not going to have a scientific calculator just lying around, but you’ll likely need to take a math course. With RealCalc, you can have access to a great calculator on your phone without the price tag of buying one from the store.

We could all use a little help improving our vocabulary. The app will help you come up with the best words to use in your essays, and has additional features such as Word of the Day, voice search, and spelling help.



Procrastination is a problem a majority of students struggle with on a weekly basis. You’re probably aware that you need to buckle down and write a paper, but the allure of social media sometimes gets in the way. SelfControl allows you to blacklist certain sites that will keep you from getting your work done, allowing you to get your studying done and your paper finished.