Whenever students enter academia for the first time, they are often told by at least one person or professor that studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of. Pamphlets exist in most schools, that offer their case for why studying abroad is a life-changing experience however, most students do not choose to move their studies abroad.

It challenges you

Students often come into the college world with 12 years of school, leaving their family’s house for the first time ever. Living in a dorm room is already a challenge, but the thrill of being on your own wears off within a couple of months. Meal plans, shuttles to classes, and the surroundings of the new college area soon become mundane and everyday. When the plane comes to take you abroad for the semester, a new wave of excitement washes over that student. Studying abroad takes the student out of their comfort zone and into the unknown, with brand new experiences that you never expected.

You’ll take obstacles head on

When studying at a foreign country, you’ll be forced to learn brand new systems that are unlike the US that you are accustomed to. At first it may seem scary and challenging, after a while you’ll get used to the new currency, bus system, and layout of the area. Being able to acclimate yourself to a new area and new system will give you confidence in your endeavors moving forward. Once back in the states, you may even see our system a little differently! These obstacles you had to face will carry you through to other chapters in your life, where it may not be easy, but at least you’ll remember when you felt so lost and were able to come out on top.

Helps you understand new cultures

Like our currency, our culture in the US is not the only one around. There are many cultures with completely different views on life, religion, and government. While studying abroad, you will not come in contact with all of these cultures, but you will undoubtedly, find a culture you’re unfamiliar with and is quite different than what you’re used to. Instead of being confused by it, try to understand it. Be open to other views and perspectives during your study abroad and later in life you will be open to new cultures and may even seek them out, instead of shut