When navigating your way through the tumultuous waves of college majors, it may be important for you to first understand what the two different types of four-year, undergraduates degrees are; the B.A., or Bachelor of the Arts, and the B.S., or Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor of the Arts Degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree is more focused on the expansive education of the student. This degree requires fewer credits tied to a particular major and generally focuses on shaping the student via critical thinking, writing, and verbals skills. The B.A. also allows students a wider range of studies to tie their own personal goals and interests, and often can allow them a wide-open marketplace of professional opportunities, as well.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Majors tied to a Bachelor of Science degree are generally more focused on a specific major’s subject matter. More credits tied to a particular major are required with this type of degree, and the focus is often on developing the student’s knowledge around a specific study. Students of this degree typically have fewer opportunities when exploring topics outside of their major, but the added benefit of the focus on a single study is the boast of a B.S. degree. A B.S. generally focuses on developing the certain, specific technical skill that a student desires to study.

Is One Degree Better Than Another?

The truth is, neither degree is intrinsically better, it simply depends on what degree is better for you. A simple way of determining which type of degree is better for you is by considering what subjects and areas of study you enjoy. Do you enjoy the literary greats, linguistics, and communication? Then, the Bachelor of Arts is probably for you. Conversely, if you enjoy the more technical and analytical aspects of studies like computer science, biology, nursing, and mathematics, then the Bachelor of Science will suit you well.

There is some overlap when it comes to some subjects. Psychology, accounting, and business are regularly offered in both a Bachelor of the Arts and a Bachelor of Science. In the end, choosing which type of degree is best for you often comes down to learning and understanding your own personal passions, interests, and goals.