For many college students, one of the most common challenges of succeeding and remaining productive in school is avoiding distractions. From television to social activities, it can be challenging to stay focused on the task at hand. Fortunately, there are a few apps that are available to help students succeed.


  1. My Study Life


My Study Life is a useful app to use because it puts everything in one place, making it easy to stay organized with your calendar and receive reminders when you have an upcoming class that is scheduled. It’ll be easier to manage your daily tasks and stay updated on when certain assignments are due.


  1. Focus Booster


Focus booster is one of the most effective apps for practicing time management for those who are prone to procrastination. It helps the student work in bursts of time to avoid becoming fatigued and to retain more information easily. When study breaks are scheduled, it allows the mind to rest and makes it easy to recharge again.


  1. Class Timetable


Class Timetable will allow you to toss out your paper planner and begin staying organized with a digital calendar that stores all of your to-do lists and activities. The app can be used on an Android phone or tablet and will easily note which days are holidays or when special events are planned and when certain projects are due. The app will even mute during class to prevent you from being interrupted.


  1. myHomework


myHomework easily syncs on all of your devices, making it easy to stay updated with your checklist and calendar without having to make changes on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. The platform is designed well due to its simplicity and is easy to use, making it an app you’ll depend on each day to stay organized and updated with everything that needs to get done. It’s ideal to use for students who are attempting to juggle multiple study groups, assignments, and classes.


  1. OmniFocus


OmniFocus is the perfect tool to use for task management because it helps students keep work and play separate, which can increase productivity levels each day. Although many people attempt to multitask, it can make it difficult to succeed and perform well in school without separating your time properly for each activity.