It is no longer enough to earn good grades in college. To land your dream job or get into a graduate program, extracurricular activities you participate in during the school year will allow you to showcase your ability to delegate your time. Here are five activities that will make your resumé stand out from the rest.


  1. Public Services

Future employers and academic admissions committees look for applicants who will create positive social change. It is therefore crucial that they show the positive social change they have already made through extracurricular activities. Find a public organization to volunteer time to for excellent exposure to public service and to enhance your skill set.


  1. Multicultural Exposure

It is important to show appreciation for diversity and a willingness to explore new territory. There are several ways to accomplish this. Study abroad or participate in a cultural center on campus or in the greater community. Learn a second language. Doing so by earning a minor in that area adds a credential to the resumé in addition to a special skill.


  1. The Arts

Employers and admissions committees from any field look for candidates who tap into creativity. Arts has many avenues: visual art such as painting and sculpting, performing arts ranging from singing to acting to dancing, and the art of writing that takes the shape of many genres. Expert ability is not necessary, just willingness to engage.


  1. Innovation

Self-starters are highly valued. Consider starting something of your own as an extracurricular activity. Get a new club off the ground. Start a side business. Initiate a fundraiser. The possibilities are endless, and it is a great way to turn a passion into a resumé booster.


  1. Leadership

In at least one extracurricular activity, volunteer to fill a leadership role. It conveys exceptional initiative responsibility. It is compelling if this extracurricular activity is in the field or subject you plan to pursue in continuing education or the workforce. For more on this and other tips for how to maximize extracurricular activities, visit The Penny Hoarder.


In the current job market, it takes the experience to get experience. Participating in the appropriate extracurricular activities is the best way to graduate from college with a resumé already full of the desired experience.