With the horror stories about hazing in fraternities and sororities across the country, bullying, and discrimination, colleges can seem closed-off or even downright dangerous for our youth. These issues are ones that plague the administration and students on college campuses, but it definitely doesn’t need to be that way.


In order to combat the negativity that a campus could have present, it’s crucial that the college community is thriving so that everyone, from present or incoming students to the faculty feels safe to nurture growth and education.


The benefits of having a positive college community are overwhelming, but what does it mean to actually have a strong community on campus? One of the indications that a community as a whole is strong can be measured by attendance. Students who feel a sense of community will frequent events held at the college and want to participate in activities.


The college should also be diverse and welcome those from different cultures and backgrounds to show that everyone is accepted regardless of who they are and where they came from. Students should have the sense that all cultures are welcome and that discrimination will not be tolerated by anyone.


There should also be several systems in place to facilitate learning, such as tutoring centers and support centers for various disciplines so that students who are falling behind or need help learning the material will be able to reach out for assistance.


Mental health continues to carry a stigma with it, but students who are having trouble with their mental health should have access to effective and empathetic treatment. College can be stressful and there’s no doubt that the pressure of getting good grades and being away from home can take its toll. Colleges that truly want a strong community will work hard to ensure that students are able to take care of their mental health.


While many of these fall under the umbrella of the administration, professors can also be a catalyst for positivity on campus. The faculty should ensure that the students in their classes are being respectful of them and their fellow peers at all times.