College men and women in fraternities and sororities often get labeled as partiers, but they are actually more likely to land a great job after graduation. Not only do they get a head start on developing a network of future professionals, but they are also practicing all the skills required in the business world.


One of the greatest career assets a professional can have is a network, and by joining the Greek life, you have one already built-in. You are surrounded by peers who come from different places and backgrounds and who possess diverse interests and skills. You learn how to use your talents to help others and to use others’ talents to make team goals go more smoothly. By learning the value of a network early on, you can naturally transfer those skills in your career.


Even before your sisters or brothers become your professional network, though, they are a source of personal growth. Members of Greek organizations spend a lot of time together and develop strong relationships. This social interaction helps you learn a lot about others- and about yourself. In turn, you can be better at communication, conflict resolution, and being a team player.


Greek organizations are structured just like a company, and members can take on leadership roles. By doing this, you can practice holding responsibility and balancing your time. Holding an office or chair position can help you develop confidence in yourself and your abilities.


Another skill you can learn in Greek life is communication. From the very beginning of the recruitment process, you have to learn to talk to people in an effective and informative way. You spend so much time relaying information to one another or across organizations that you naturally become better at it.


Additionally, Greek organizations all focus on philanthropy. Anyone who is involved in Greek life has spent numerous hours of their time raising money or volunteering for charity. Employers can view a resume and see the value in the dedication and teamwork that a person has shown.


Like any activity in college, you will get what you put into the experience. While it’s important to have fun and make memories, college should prepare you. Taking advantage of what the Greek life offers can help you land your dream job!