It’s the first day of the semester and you walk into your first class. You’re all prepared with the correct textbook and are ready to get started when you sit down and listen to your professor go over the requirements for the course. Right off the bat, you may get a sense that this professor will be difficult to deal with because the syllabus you’ve been given is going to be demanding and they stress that they don’t take late work. If you have a feeling that your professor is going to be difficult, follow these steps to make the most of the class.


Don’t drop the course right away

Every college should give you a grace period of a few classes to decide whether or not you’d like to continue with the course or switch to a different one. Before making any rash decisions, give it at least another meeting before you decide to drop it.


Be prepared ahead of time

Most professors in colleges across the country have a profile on This site allows any student who has taken a course directed by that person to log on and give them a review. Before stepping foot in each class, take a moment and look up the professor to see what your peers are saying about them. While you should take these ratings with a grain of salt and not base your course schedule on them, it’s a good idea to have their teaching style in mind so you can better prepare yourself for the class.


Meet them during office hours

Making an effort to get to know your professor can go a long way. Bring questions about the assignments and readings to show that you are doing the work and are making a sincere effort. If you have any concerns about the coursework further along in the semester, it will help that you have already made the connection with them early on.


Buckle down and work

College professors and high school teachers, for the most part, have vastly different teaching styles. You are paying for your college education and have to take it in your own hands. If the course is going to be tough, be prepared for it. Make sure to set aside enough time to learn the material and above all else, go to class unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you do happen to miss a class, make arrangements with another student to get their notes and meet with the professor to go over any questions you have about the material. Don’t expect hand-holding from your professors, whether they’re nice or not. If you miss a class, it’s your responsibility to get the missed work, not the professor’s.