When the time comes for every high school student to decide which college to go to, the prestigiousness of a school will likely enter their minds. Many excellent students across the country aim high for Ivy League schools, but does their future depend on which college they attend?


The research company Gallup asked the top business leaders in the United States a series of questions. They rated the level of importance of specific factors that college graduates come to them with from very important to not at all important. The majority of these leaders placed little importance on where a student went to school, only 9% saying it was very important. Instead of focusing on school choice, the most critical factor was the knowledge and skills a candidate has gained from their education and employment experience.


What students should take away from this poll is that it’s much more important to use the time in college to do something constructive, beyond trying to get good grades. This effort could be in the form of a work-study program, volunteer project, or internships. Students that have relevant experiences can make a huge difference to hiring managers after they earn their degrees.