Politics Garyvanzinderen

Why get involved in politics during college? People usually don’t have the time to get involved after they become a working person. They usually have other things to do – tend to family, relax after work, and simply take care of themselves. Someone in college has plenty of time to pursue other activities and go after it with a vigor unmatched by many people; therefore it is the perfect time to get involved in something like politics. What are some of the more in-depth reasons to get involved?

Politics affect everyone. It’s easy to think this is not the case, that an individual person does not have a say. However, stories come out here and there every so often where a race comes down to just one or two votes, to where a winner wins because they ended up doing that little extra bit of work, and even just working a little bit longer ended up making all the difference. Therefore why wouldn’t people involved make a big difference, even if it’s just one person? Getting involved locally is the best way to make one’s voice heard, and that translates into higher levels when there are sufficient passionate people involved.

Politics are a part of everyday conversation. Everyone has views on various issues, and learning how someone thinks due to their political affiliations is very important considering communication is the key to succeeding in a lot of areas in life. Understanding different community perspectives and getting involved with like-minded people is also easy to become a part of a group. According to theenrichery.com, getting involved spirals into something that may bring benefits no one imagined they could. By caring about politics someone gets involved in affect policy at a local level with other people, those other people become part of a bigger group, and in turn, create a social group that is ripe with opportunity as far as things like networking and making friends are concerned. Therefore, it brings benefits far and wide, causing a ripple effect that enhances one’s life more than they could have ever thought possible.

Sounds pretty good huh? Now with that extra bit of time, the opportunities available to both the individual person and the world are now tenfold simply because someone felt like making a difference, and that is the biggest benefit of all.