Most colleges and universities embrace the undecided. It’s a major named undeclared, undecided, or undecided specialty major (i.e., undecided criminal justice major or undecided English major). Three reasons make undecided the best major.


General Education Concentration

College courses are classified as general education courses and courses related to the major. Undecided majors can concentrate heavily on general education courses like math, science, and history since every student needs to pass those to graduate. More class choices are available, so creating a schedule around a student’s busy schedule isn’t challenging. The like and dislike from those classes will eliminate majors organically. When it’s time to declare a major, students will have a clearer picture. Then, the remaining time goes to courses related to the major.



What is the hurry? Float around a few semesters before committing to a major. College is about discovery, and general education courses, while required, are a part of it. The other part is taking electives of interest. Undecided majors use electives as an open-minded exploration of experimentation until it leads them toward a concrete major. Even if the class was a dud in discovering a major, it may be useful for upcoming classes or life situations. Meanwhile, students who chose a major immediately don’t have room to explore because they already limited themselves. They can’t afford to be flexible due to the major’s laser-like focus, hence why the next point is popular.


No Major Switching

Too many students switch majors because they thought this career was the right fit, and they find out several classes deep that this isn’t the career for them. Then, those students must start over again in a new major, pushing back graduation and spending more money correcting their mistake. Even worse, switching majors may require a different college to complete the course. If the decided major is criminal justice, it’s mandatory to leave specialized schools such as medical school and engineering school as those establishments don’t cater to criminal justice. Undecided majors don’t worry about switching majors because they haven’t decided on anything.


Don’t feel pressured to select a major after high school. An undecided major may seem like a student is indecisive, but is a great opportunity to explore untapped interests. It makes students confident in choosing a major.