Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) give everyone an opportunity to take courses they’re interested in free of charge. The amount of students in one classroom can exceed 100,000 and admission can come from anyone in the world. While these courses don’t give you any college credit, they will certainly expand your knowledge in a subject and allows you to interact with other students who share your passion and interest from all over the globe.


Find your subject

There are thousands of MOOCs available at this moment for you to sign up for and get involved in. Rather than having to wait around for a college to have available that course you want to study, MOOCs are constantly being created and are available for you. There are also so many platforms that offer MOOCs such as: Coursera, Udacity, and EdX just to name a few. If a course is not available on one, check another to see if it’s open!


Move at your own pace

While MOOCs don’t offer the same feel as a college classroom, they can be just as informative and you’re able to move at your own pace for many of them. While there may be deadlines for projects and assignments, you can shape your learning experience and move along as fast or as slow as you like.


Open to all

No one is denied from MOOCs. There are no admissions processes, applications, or proof of education. You don’t need to have any college experience or formal education to take advantage of them, and the only prerequisite you need is a desire to learn. It’s not only for speakers of a specific language either because there are many MOOCs that are accessible to people of other languages.


Improves knowledge of a subject for career

Although the MOOCs themselves are free, certifications of completion are typically extra. Especially for those who want to have an edge in the job market over competition, signing up to receive a certification after you’re finished with your MOOC can put something extra on your resume. In fact, advancing their career and moving forward in the job market is a common reason why people participate in MOOCs.


Stay up to date on the industry

If you work in an ever-changing field, MOOCs can help you stay informed on changes and learn to adapt to them quickly. If you’re passionate about your career, there is always something you can learn to stay current.